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swindle broker affiliated steal and not pay your affiliates.

Brokers swindle YoutradeFX by careful when working with them

The broker  offers financial services in forex and CFDs on shares. offer also service members in  where agents offer the opportunity to work with a great growth company.

We can hire their services, but this really is reliable brokers, we can really expect us to offer a good service, we do not lie in any case?, By some sources that we see on the Internet, where we read several issues in forums that are removed by request They’ve found that if only if they are unable to pay their own agents, invented and pushing for more customers and not pay for their services. The picture shows only a portion of commissions, because he has other clients who will receive a percentage to have X items, which are not even.offer also pay even more customers if they get a percentage for most customers in the month. For my part although is regulated by the FSA do not think they’re controlling everything she does really, or does not know that under the table, I would not trust a broker who does not pay its own employees. put a message here one of the members affected. Here we see that after months waiting for a response receive a message like this where not only the affiliate is involved, if not the same advisor with which we opened the account, direct employee youtraderfx know what they spend explaining that if solved and endeavor. remember the names have been changed, and to understand you have to read from the bottom up

I inform the email where my payment was done long ago, sent another message and I have no answer.

One of the many affected 

Thanks, have a good recovery

On October 5, 2012 13:03, “MH” YoutradeFX Officer   wrote: wrote:

Do what I can. I will be in communication with me to support someone answers.
Leads-are customers.
Ftd-are first time deposits. 
I do not velvo the office until 26 novembre.
Please contact to support what they help.
Sent from my iPhone
On May באוק 2012, at 12:56, one of the many affected   wrote:
I understand your problem, as explained at the outset I’m sorry, but the explanatory message may mistakenly sent it to someone else because I nolo any single message I received from that day.

He had understood that he would return to work this week and it was still low. If this low would not reach you if someone else here is
Excellent, that’s an answer, there are people on vacation and you leave, but if you do not know anything, please understand that everybody would mind. I again ask the question because I had not received a response, if any had not thought I would ask the same.
So far as this, if possible please indicate to me when I return to office for questioning.
The questions are on the platform or not say on the site as members, not exactly that means  or FTD Leads, if I  respond, indicate to this and no longer bother him more.
I really hope a speedy recovery “for his health, not to return to work :)” 

On October 5, 2012 12:28, “MH” YoutradeFX Officer   wrote: wrote:

First of all if I replied.
I told him I paid 22 dollars for paypal and bank transfer 30.
I am not in the offce’m in bed for the surgery.
I’ve been over a week since I went to connect to try solucionarle you the problem. 
Not because it being late. I’m not in the office and people take holiday muca so why is the issue of being late. No excuse. I tried to send this email to several people of accounting but even I do not always respond.
On Monday they said they were going to order later, if! On Wednesday they sent me an email asking me where they send you the money. 
It means that from Wednesday to today only been three days.
I hope you do your payment today if not later than on Monday.
If you have questions please write platform to
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On May באוק 2012, at 12:23, one of the many affected  wrote:
Xxxxx Sorry, I do not think the answer is right, I am very patient, knowing that I have sent more than 6 questions and have had no response, and when I finally answered two questions and just do not respond to me. You must be 100% sure that I will send you message if I have an answer.

Two days ago he sent a message asking where would charge less commission and still did not answer me, what would happen in the opposite case where you work with someone and he did not respond, would you think, also I have more questions about platform and otherwise to advertise with you but and questions about the reports.
Also with my last question, could only tell me you do not know and you have already checked in, but as I indicated, the income was already 5 days ago, this tells me that it was Monday and me two days after admission I question the 3d Wednesday and wants to make me income, by paypal or bank transfer?.
The only thing I ask is if you want to seriously continue to work together, you should be interested in that result, and even more if you want to work later as account manager at ECN.
For this reason I am indicating that I have a lot of patience and just ask you to reply me information, as it should be.

On October 5, 2012 11:18, “MH” YoutradeFX Officer   wrote: wrote:

The payment is already in process. We did three days ago. It takes more or 5 days to reach you please be patient. I’m doing what I can Sent from my iPhone

On May באוק 2012, at 11:13, one of the many affected   wrote:

Hello xxxxx, still await your response, what happens?

I also wanted to call me or someone I could answer some questions.

On October 3, 2012 12:17 One of the many affected  wrote:

Hello xxxxx, could you tell me where I charge less commission? if by paypal or bank transfer.

If by paypal, you can do like July to xxxxxxxxxx, if not please contact me.
Also I have other questions, could talk to you by phone.

On October 3, 2012 11:55, “MH” YoutradeFX Officer  wrote:

Hello please can send me anywhere account we send the money? Cuena bank or paypal Sent from my iPhone

Here is the conversation the direct advisor youtraderfx
One of the Affected
XXXX Hello, how are you?.

I am waiting for the charging of fees?
has happened?

Employee and advisor RM YoutradeFX
October 22

for  me

All information sent by email response I hope, as soon as I have reported it
One of the Affected
October 22


 Employee and advisor RM YoutradeFX

Okay Ruben. Could you tell me how much you can take?. tomorrow and we’ll know.


The 22 October 2012 17:10,  RM Employee and advisor YoutradeFX  wrote:

One of the Affected

October 23


 Employee and advisor RM YoutradeFX

Hello Ruben We have an answer or I will not have any?


The 22 October 2012 17:32, one of the affected

Again had not gone more information, payment of July.

What can we expect in this case?

In my case I recommend NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH YoutradeFX although this regulated by the FSA, which can provide a trusted broker that does this. If you do not pay your employees will act as the client funds, I think it is stupid to open an account with a broker that scam their own employees. 

this is one of the measures a big scam to its members under. 

If has also been affected invite you to participate leaving your contact details, but for now we will try to get the 4 signatures 10 to send a message to the FSA. 

Finally here we have a list of brokers that do not have this type of problem and have accounts ECN with capital of less than 2000 euros YoutradeFX asking